Tolkien Reading Day 2018

On March 25th the Prancing Pony honored once again the International Tolkien Reading Day . The Municipal Gallery of the city of Piraeus opened for us the gates of its beautiful and hospitable halls and many members and friends gathered for the event.

While the Chairman, Orome, welcomed us and the Secretary, Glorfindel, explained the event proceedings, a group of 13 (actually only two, who played all thirteen) very tired Dwarves and one Hobbit, led by Thorin, appeared hurriedly on the stage. Right there before us, Gandalf, the ingenious Wizard of this peculiar company, managed to win for all of them the hospitality – including some very good meals- of the odd, mistrustful but underneath genial Beorn.

After that, our lady Ilmare recounted for us the epic but oh! so sad Battle of Unnumbered Tears, where many heroic Men, Elves and Dwarves met their doom.

Next came the exceptional Elanor, who took us on a journey to legendary Numenor and the bitter end of the love-hate relationship between Aldarion and Erendis.

Like Gimli, our exquisite bardess, Joralyn, led us to the Stone of Durin. She recited verses from the Song of the great dwarf king, as all of us gazed silently at the dark waters of enchanted   Kheled- zaram.

Then, through the narration of circi, we followed the last, slow and torturous steps of Frodo and Sam up the slope of Mount Doom. We witnessed the destruction of the One Ring, but also later  the special honors prepared for them by the free people of Middle earth.

The narrations about Middle-earth ended with our Sam, who brought us back to the Shire and reminded us of the last great deeds of the Hobbits and the inglorious end of Saruman.

But the evening was not over yet. Under the wonderful tunes of the piano, played masterfully by our own Gandalf, Boromir and Corvus Corax read to us excerpts from two other very important  works of the professor: Kulervo and The Story of Sigurd and Gudrun.

The event came to its end, the chandeliers were turned off and the Gallery gates closed behind us. With us remained the special and unique sensation of one more journey into the beloved world of J.R.R Tolkien.

We thank most sincerely, all those who came, took part and helped us in any way!

And a great “thank you” to our hosts, the wonderful Municipal Gallery of Piraeus.

Spyros Sampsonas aka Glorfindel