The 17th Grand Annual Meeting of Gil-galad, the Slovene Tolkien Society

Μόλις λάβαμε την εξής πρόσκληση από τους φίλους Σλοβένους:

Dear friends,

The year has passed and summer has come again.
With summer another thing comes and that is our VLS, the 17th Grand Annual Meeting.
You are of course most welcome to join us and sing, eat, drink and have fun with us.
In attachment bellow you will find all the information needed to find us.
And also follow this link to mark your visit.
In case of any questions or more information feel free to contact me.
We will be very happy if you send the invitation or the leaflet to your other members aswell.
With best greetings,
Rebeka aka Awarandea
Μπορεί να ενδιαφέρει κάποιους!