Προσκλήσεις σε διεθνείς διοργανώσεις

Η φετεινή χρονιά είναι γεμάτη από επετείους. Πολλοί άλλοι σύλλογοι γιορτάζουν και μας καλούν. Εδώ θα δημοσιεύουμε τις προσκλήσεις τους. Αν κάποιος ενδιαφέρεται, ας έρθει σε επαφή με το ΔΣ, ώστε να του προωθήσουμε το αρχικό email και τα pdf με τις αναλυτικές πληροφορίες, ώστε να έρθει σε επαφή.

1  Tolkien Thing – German Tolkien Society, 12-15 July

3-4 days of internationally acknowledged Middle-earth fun including talks, workshops, readings, sister societies, special guests and decent German beer!

Picture (c) by Pimpernella.

Register now:

2. Return of the Ring: Celebrating Tolkien in 2012

Loughborough University, UK
16th-20th August 2012

We’d like to invite you, our friends in all the Tolkien Societies around the world to join us in this Tolkien Celebration.
We want both academic and non-academic items, so think about how you can share your enthusiasm either as a group or an individual and help us to truly ‘celebrate’ Tolkien in 2012 .
We’ll have a banquet, a costume masquerade, an art show and dealers’ room, as well as papers and panels on all aspects of Tolkien Studies.
Of course you can present a panel or paper – see our call for papers at

But we also need fresh ideas from you, and here are some to get you started:
• Tell us the history of your Society or Smial – in any form you can devise
• Present a slideshow of your creative responses to Tolkien and Middle Earth in your land
• Run a workshop or demonstration of skills, crafts or recipes – e.g. show us your leatherwork,   let us taste your lembas, Ent draughts and more!
• Teach us your songs and dances
• Present your drama
• Share your poetry and fan-fiction
Please don’t think ‘No one would be interested in that’ or ‘I can’t fill half an hour’:

We ARE interested and we can group shorter items together. Even if your idea is tentative we want to hear it. So now that you have no more excuses we look forward to hearing from you! Fill in the proposals form: go to and follow the link to online registration. After you log in, click on the button under the heading “Programme Item Proposals”. Please email any questions to Meggy,

3.  Grand Annual Meeting of Slovene Tolkien Society, 10-19 August

Dear friends,

thank you for your invitation to your 10th anniversary. It has been forwarded to our members. I would like to invite you to the 14th Grand Annual Meeting of Slovene Tolkien Society. Details are enclosed in the official invitation attached. You can already preregister at - it pays off to preregister soon!
I hope that maybe some of you can join our meeting. If you have any questions, please contact me or any of the organisers mentioned in the invitation.
Best regards,
Jaka Mur
Slovene Tolkien Society Foreign Affairs Representative
4.  Austrian Tolkien Society – 10th anniversary, 13-16 September

Dear Friends and fellow Tolkien Societies!

We would like to invite you to celebrate the Austrian Tolkien Society’s (ÖTG) 10th anniversary with us in September. You can find all the details in the attached invitation. Also, feel free to forward this invitation to friends who might be interested in our event.
The programme for the whole weekend will be released after our Spring Meeting, currently we are still working on the details. Visit our homepage and forum, where you can find more details about the programme (which is still a work in progress). If you have questions have a look at or contact us via email (

There is a registration form for our anniversary on the website, please note that filling it out is mandatory, if you wish to attend: > click “Register now!”
Please, make sure that your name is on the money transfer. Also, if you chose “Early Booking” remember the option is only valid until June 30th, 2012 (day of money transfer). The transfer counts as confirmation for your application.

We hope to see you in September and are looking forward to spending a lovely weekend regarding all things Tolkien!

Kind regards,

Wolfgang Penetsdorfer
(ÖTG Chairman)



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